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 The Authorized Admission Application

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PostSubject: The Authorized Admission Application   17/11/2010, 22:47

Please consider the following as my application into the mighty The AAA.

- Ingame username: TownCriar

- Locations ( x | y ):

Name Population Coordinates
Bario 716 (68|229)
Polis 709 (71|227)
Shire 577 (90|257)
Ciudad 526 (79|213)
Abad (Capital) 435 (89|258)
Kijiji 303 (96|255)
Kasaba 44 (89|247)

- Population: 3310

- Overall troopcount (not detailed): 3560
Mostly 1c defensive troops. I have been focusing on building my capacity rather than actual troop #'s.

- Previous alliances and reasons for leaving them: ROGUE. Lack of leadership and vision

- Reason for joining us: I was invited by a neighbor, CescH. I did some research and I believe that The AAA is poised to be a significant player in the endgame, and I want to be support the winning cause.

- Activity: I work from home and am online most of the day. I even wake up in the middle of the night to check my account.

- Age: 41

- Experience: I have played on multiple servers, mostly from 2 yrs ago when my confed took 2nd in the endgame (yeah, I know, the first losers!)

- Goals, why we should choose you: My goal is to be cranking out lev 20 defensive troops 24/7 from multiple villages in preparation for end game.

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The Authorized Admission Application
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