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PostSubject: Application   13/11/2010, 00:32

- Ingame username: slaus
- Locations ( x | y ): The area mainly around 150|181
- Population:3991 and raising
- Overall troopcount (not detailed):Around 2000 and increasing
- Previous alliances and reasons for leaving them:U.C. DK Disbanded without notice. One moment in the next it had disbanded and the leaders had joined Wild*TUC
- Reason for joining us:You are in the North East and you seem fairly well represented in my area
- Activity:2-3 hours a day
- Age:51
- Experience:I have played 4 regular and 1 com speedserver as well as 2 local danish servers before this one
- Goals, why we should choose you:My goal is to participate in building the World Wonder to level 100 when that time comes. In the meantime I will work to grow stronger along with the rest of the ally to achieve be able to do just that
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PostSubject: Re: Application   13/11/2010, 02:19

Do you use Skype? We'll probably want to have a brief conversation there. We're also asking folks to do a few things for us prior to acceptance. I'll send you a copy of the prospective member IGM so that you can get started.


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