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 Application: Stuntel

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PostSubject: Application: Stuntel   1/7/2010, 20:13


My application:
- Ingame username:

- Locations ( x | y ):
1.1 Europe
2.1 Africa
2.2 Asia

- Population:

- Overall troopcount (not detailed):
1.1 Europe: 1:1
2.1 Africa: 15(it is a 15c, normally there have to be more troops, I know, but I am making everything(buildings, production) ready to build fast troops)
2.2 Asia: 0(has been settled 8 days ago)

- Previous alliances and reasons for leaving them:
Warriors; I was leader, it was a nice alliance with nice members but only some of them helped with def actions and stuff and in the beginning everything went fine till S.A started attacking with catapults and destroying everyone.

- Reason for joining us:
One of my travian buddy's is there(Toker_Kloker) and you guys look like a great, well organized alliance.

- Activity:
mostly green and blue dots, never been yellow before, this is a dual acc, I have different times for getting online but starting from september I can only be online from 17h till 22h(GMT+1)
My dual comes online more often then me(min 4-5h online, mostly in the morning before 7h00 and in the afternoon after 16h) now I can be online a lot because I have vacation now:)(except if I go on holiday, but then I will get a sitter, called sameer in s6, who is very active and my dual will be online too)

- Age:
I am 14, dual 40

- Experience:
I 3,5 years, but more experienced with Romans, we are now Tetutons, so I am learning a bit with that. But my dual is experienced with them.
My first server was a speed version, and there was a nice guy next to me who learned me everything:)

- Goals, why we should choose you:
I think you can use some active teutons(for the moment you are with 11/43), I am loyal to alliances I join and will help where possible.
My dual will do the same:)
My personal goal is to play in the EG.

I have skype and will ask my dual to make it too.


P.S: please dont mind my bad english, I am from belgium^^
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PostSubject: RE: Application: Stuntel   1/7/2010, 20:22

This acc became dual 2 weeks ago, before that it was an account with only one player
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Stuntel   2/7/2010, 12:09

My dual has given more information:

Age dual = 40, Experience = 5+ years.
Online times:
Most of the time, some weekends are different
Goals: to be part of the endgame with a healty and active alliance.
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Stuntel   13/7/2010, 00:26

age:21 experıence:5 years onlıne tımes:always
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Equites Caesaris
Equites Caesaris

PostSubject: Re: Application: Stuntel   13/7/2010, 00:44

Seems like your situation is hopeless with 2 villages destroyed. I am looking for a dual though so if your interested get in contact with Lugh so he can interview you.The interview will go through skypechat. I suppose he will read this also but be clear about the reason when you contact him anyway.

Greets Igorix
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Stuntel   13/7/2010, 05:09

I'm confused about the two names here:

Alican308 and Stuntel

Are these the two halves of the dual mentioned? If so, which is applying for admission as a dual with Igor?

As he said, please contact me via IGM so that we can set up a skype session.
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Stuntel   20/7/2010, 14:44

I dont know what thid does here : Alican308

I came back from holiday and saw 2 villages destroyed, my sitter did dodge, but I was able to kill some troops of the attacker, I had 500 spears and 100 paladins to defend, if I wasn't on holiday, I should have fdefend and hope the attacker would stop, but yeah, it didn't happen, I have only one village left and gave up, but thanks anyway
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Stuntel   

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Application: Stuntel
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