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 Joining request (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Joining request (Accepted)   23/6/2010, 01:31

Hello! My name is Alex and my username is --->Cobra.
I am from NE with the main village--------------->Cobra1(25|59)
My population is-------------------------------------> 675
My troops count is(not detailed)---------------------------------->604
I'm in Warriors alliance now, but i can see activity here, not much, by the way the leader quit the alliance and we are no more a strong team:(. I was in Trojan by the way but there was the same thing...Sad no great leaders;i tryed to make some order there(i was The Prince-position and a hammer in the start of the game but those players...:(were in our alliance just to be safe from attacks:( so in the end i quit) .
Another thing about me--->Smack from S.A is my sitter and i'm his defender! I was attack by some guys from S.A with catapults and i was croplocked, but i managed my resources well and i succed; and now i'm back in the game,even i'm not as strong as i should be:).
I'm an active player and i can be online minimum 15/24 or more...i'm in vacantion by the way:).
I'm 21 years old and i have some experience in the game: 2 romanian servers last year:) and now i'm playing on 1 Romanian server(RO5-nick Toruk Makto), com3(nick-Cobra), com1(as a dual),here and on IN2(as a Dual).
I know that in this stage of the game i'm not so strong as i should be, but i still can grow very fast. I know that have the time and the experience to do that, also i am good teamplayer, in almost every alliance, i was a Diplomat and i was very good in this position:).
I hope that you'll take a look on my joining request, and maybe you'll give me the chance to prove that i can do what i told you above:)!Best Regards!


PS. Sry for my english:D:)
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PostSubject: Re: Joining request (Accepted)   23/6/2010, 16:05

An IGM has been sent.
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PostSubject: Re: Joining request (Accepted)   26/6/2010, 16:33

Invite was sent.
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PostSubject: Re: Joining request (Accepted)   

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Joining request (Accepted)
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