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 Seeking Membership

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PostSubject: Seeking Membership   24/5/2010, 21:26

Ingame username: Eire

Locations ( x | y ):
Button City 458 (135|102)
Button Ryan (capital) 104 (267|106)
Have settlers for 3rd city and culture points

Population: 562

Overall troopcount (not detailed): 252

Previous alliances and reasons for leaving them:

Thule: had firends from another alliance called cwl from a prevous server but they were too away in distance like 40 -50 hours.

*WTP* They said there would be a settler push and when I was ready got told I wad to far away. I wanted to involved asking was there anything I could do to help But just got ingored. Just wanted to take part.

Reason for joining us:

I have seen you guys and some of the alliance players are close to me. I would be glad if you guys would give me a chance to prove my worth.


I am nearly online most of the day, if not on my work pc, I also check on my I-Phone. so very little time that I am not on. so maybe 6am - 12pm on and off. I like to NPC every resource.

Age: 26 years young

Experience: Playing travian for 4 years. Have always made to end game. Have been a member of such alliances like CWL, FFH, ABC, Gameover. Played a major part in CWL and was loyal to the leader CWL. I had a really big army and was not afriad to use it. Closer to the end I sent every thing on a wonder.

Goals, why we should choose you:

My goal is to build the biggest army that I have made. be active in AAA, prove my worth and fight for the gorly of AAA. Defend players who need to be defended. And follow all orders and instrutions give by the leaders
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PostSubject: Re: Seeking Membership   25/5/2010, 02:20

Sit tight, an officer will contact you when we have more information.
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PostSubject: Seeking membership   25/5/2010, 19:19

I have just built my third city today. Troop count has also risen
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PostSubject: Re: Seeking Membership   

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Seeking Membership
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