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 New Village

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PostSubject: New Village   23/5/2010, 22:53

Hello all -

Just wanted to make sure I was posting in the right place -- no other threads I recognize in here...

Anyhow, I'd like to simply say hello, and notify the powers-that-be that I know have 3 Settlers, and am ready to found a new village. Where should it go? My current town is at (90,85). There is a 7-food next door, but I was hoping for better. Not a lot in the immediate area, however, that are better.

There is a VERY good spot at (87,84) with 15 (!!) food, but sadly it's occupied by the *WTP* by a small village at the moment.

I'm ready to build once I get orders for where to do so.


- Exedore
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PostSubject: Re: New Village   24/5/2010, 00:16

I can suggest you to settle in our stronghold area, contact lazzaro and he will help you find you a nice spot in there.
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New Village
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