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 request to join alliance (Denied)

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PostSubject: request to join alliance (Denied)   12/5/2010, 01:38 IGN is leo , teutons at the moment (i just wanted to find 15C with 2 or 3 50% oasis but i will select Roman tribe n play) ................ i am online almost whole day(except for evenings).......i am new in this server but i hav played S1 and S3 indian server but had to leave because of exams n all (i wasn't getting any active sitter and also it got bit monotonous:( )

i want 2 join AAA and also want small help for locating 15C with bonus oasis

What else should i say?.......Just give me a chance......enough of writing...time 2 play travian Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: request to join alliance (Denied)   12/5/2010, 02:52

Application denied. I've already answered you in game, but I'll give you the full reason here:

First, you didn't follow instructions. The alliance overview requests that you fill out an application here, but you IGM'd me first. If you can't follow directions when applying, why should we believe that you can follow directions when we're in the middle of a war?

Second, you've come in to the application process already asking for a 15c with nearby oases. Your population is 11 (ELEVEN!) and you're asking for a cropper.

Third, your population is 11. That in itself is enough right now to let me know that you aren't going to be of any help what-so-ever to the membership of this alliance, and that you have no experience playing a successful round of Travian.

Fourth, you plainly state that you played two other servers but got bored and didn't have the time to play.

Look, friend, I'm sure you're a nice guy (or girl) and you're probably very friendly. We, however, don't need any more friends with good intentions. We're a serious group of people playing a serious game. Ask yourself what you bring to the table besides requests for help. Ask yourself what you'd do in our position.

As I said before, your application is denied. Good luck to you and no hard feelings.

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GoldSword (Ragnell)

PostSubject: Re: request to join alliance (Denied)   13/5/2010, 02:16

Well put.

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PostSubject: Re: request to join alliance (Denied)   

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request to join alliance (Denied)
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