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 How to apply: Read before posting

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GoldSword (Ragnell)

PostSubject: How to apply: Read before posting   12/3/2010, 03:00

Welcome to The AAA forum!

This is the topic where you can apply to our alliance on server 6.


We recruit active players who can defend themselves and their resources, will add to the power and prestige of the alliance and who want to have fun all the same; those who do not meet these criteria need not apply.


* You MUST be in the NE (+/+)

* You MUST be ACTIVE: Green and Blue dots are all we want to see. Yellow dots will be met with a swift and firm warning. Once.

* You MUST have a desire to learn quickly, grow strong, and play smarter than those around you.

* You MUST be polite and honest, not only with your alliance-mates, but with everyone you meet in the game. Our integrity is worth more than any empty threats, insults or taunts.

* You MUST request and appoint an alliance sitter upon acceptance, and maintain an active alliance sitter throughout your membership. You must complete a form found on our forums with your sitter information and keep it up to date. Non-Alliance sitters must be cleared with an officer or removed. No exceptions.

* You MUST provide any information requested by an officer in a timely manner. Should an officer need to view your villages in order to plan/execute an operation, you may be asked to assign sitter privileges for a short time. Compliance with all such requests is required.

* You MUST register on the forum and check it daily. Any IGMs from officers must be answered promptly. No army or government survives long without communication. Communication is the lifeblood of this alliance.

* You MUST be willing to help out members in need when asked and to follow instructions when given. Only through cohesive and exacting teamwork can we accomplish our goals.

* Chronic farms will NOT be tolerated. Our officers and members can help you learn to avoid farmers and defend yourself, but the job is up to you. Any applicant who is being actively farmed when accepted will be denied membership.

* We are an international alliance, and as such have players from all over the world. While we understand that some language barriers may be present, the internet is full of tools to help with translations, and we make all attempts to communicate clearly and simply. English competency is preferred, but we can work with you if you have difficulty understanding.

* Skype is VERY highly recommended. We use it for just about everything and it helps us to keep in touch about the game. It is a great communication tool. If you do not have Skype, it may hurt your chances on getting into this alliance

So, want to apply?

Post a usefull apply containing (copy / paste):

- Ingame username:
- Locations ( x | y ):
- Population:
- Overall troopcount (not detailed):
- Previous alliances and reasons for leaving them:
- Reason for joining us:
- Activity:
- Age:
- Experience:
- Goals, why we should choose you:

To post your application, please open up a new topic by clicking "New Topic" above. Applications that are sent incorrectly may not be accepted.

[quote="geezer"]paultaylor says: as is? what does that mean? either you keep your confeds or you cut them, there is no as-is about it!![/quote]
[quote="Clivert"]Small Print
The AAA is an Equal Opportunities employer, and does not discriminate against firefox or internet explorer
[quote="Lomsoges"][ Have fun guys, let's stick to this road, or add some more lanes to the road and make it into a highway?[/quote]

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PostSubject: Re: How to apply: Read before posting   22/4/2010, 13:48

The following are REQUIREMENTS for joining the AAA and associated wings not previously listed above:

1) Register with GT and input troop count and all other information (sitter, online times, CP status, etc). Contact an officer once this is done for the join link to our group.

2) Register with Skype and provide a username and preferred online time to meet with one or more officers to discuss your application. We do not require voice capability, but do require that you be able to chat with us via IM in order to ensure that you are a good fit with our group.

3) Inform an officer IN IGM of all previous servers on which you've played and the names under which you played there. If you were in a TOP alliance (meaning one of the alliances who were a recognized part of a meta that won or attempted to win the server), please include that information.

4) Post your application in the Public forum in its OWN thread. Hijacking others' threads doesn't help us to keep your application visible.

Our alliance communicates using the English language. While we realize that the "com" set of servers is typically considered to be an international server-group, the fact remains that it's populated mostly by folks from the US and the UK. As such, the burden of understanding and being understood falls upon those who may not natively speak English. We are more than willing to work with you to make sure that we're understanding one another, but you have to put in the effort as well.

To that end, please be sure that you form your communications carefully and that you ask questions if you do not understand a directive. Any failure to follow the orders of an officer of the alliance will be considered a breach of trust and may result in removal from the alliance. We're not trying to be nasty or arrogant, we're just watching out for the good of the group.
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How to apply: Read before posting
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